Survey Says Nova Scotia Doctors Are Burning Out

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 11:38 AM

A new survey reveals that burnout is a serious issue for Nova Scotia doctors.

The survey was conducted by Doctors Nova Scotia, the main organization that represents the province's physicians.

Of the 372 doctors that responded, 50 percent reported experiencing symptoms of burnout and another 20 percent are feeling ineffective.

The president of Doctors Nova Scotia, Dr. Manoj Vohra , says patient load is just one issue.

"What the burnout survey shows us is that there are three major areas that Nova Scotia physicians are experiencing. Those are exhaustion, cynicism and efficacy."

Dr. Vohra says there are more patients without family doctors, patients with more complicated health issues and doctors don't have any resources to support them.

He says Doctors Nova Scotia is committed to working with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and the province to address the concerns.

Dr. Vohra says the time for finger-pointing is over.

"This is no longer about blame. I would encourage the health authority, I would encourage the government, to take this as seriously as it can and start working together in a purposeful manner so we can help physicians provide the care to those patients who expect great care."

Here is a link to the survey: