Rural Nova Scotia Health Crisis Working Group Meets In Shelburne

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 12:28 PM

The Rural Nova Scotia Health Crisis Working Group met again yesterday in Shelburne.

Mayor Karen Mattatall, who spearheaded the group says they've got real accounts from people who've experienced problems with proper healthcare delivery in Shelburne.

Mattatall says they'd like to hear other stories from across the province.

"Those stories are very powerful. We need to all work together if we want to solve this problem, and make the province and the Nova Scotia Health Authority pay attention. We're not doing this negatively, we just want to draw attention, and they can change their direction so concerns are truly addressed."

Some plans for the group include a provincial day of action, and demonstrations at local MLA offices.

They'll also be drafting an introductory letter to all Nova Scotia municipalities about the plans.

They also plan to bring a resolution to the fall conference of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities, and write an introductory letter to all municipalities in Nova Scotia.

Mattatall says 11 municipal from Digby to Lunenburg are involved in the group.