Digby County Author's Book Wins Canada Book Award

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 08:32 AM

A local author recently received recognition for his book.

'Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching' by Digby County's Christopher Michael Meuse was chosen for a Canada Book Award for its creative achievement and contribution.

Meuse says he was notified of the award last week.

"It was a letter congratulating me on receiving this award. It felt good. It shows that it is appreciated by some people, so it feels great."

It's a story about a young boy's love of the game and the effect of pressures placed on him by adults in his life.

The 60 page book includes a passage from hockey icon Don Cherry.

Meuse is a retired teacher, who wrote the first version of the book in the 90s.

He changed the title and illustrations, and added an extra chapter for re-publishing last year.

Meuse says the book has been getting positive reviews.

"Many of the organizations that review it aren't sports, they are parenting groups that see it as something to offer to parents."

In December, Meuse told us he never intended to become a writer, but it was one of a few goals he set out for himself.