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Remember 40 Years Ago?

Friday, November 11th 2011

On Remembrance Day 1971, a 747 jumbo jet made an emergency landing following a bomb threat. The Iberia Airlines aircraft was en route from Madrid to New York with 241 passengers and 18 crew. Air Canada agent Jim Greig remembers the incident very well. Click here to Listen to audio: "We got the call that this airplane was going to land in less than ten minutes. There was very little time to react other than to say 'Oh my God'." The 747 landed without incident with runway to spare. It was the first time a 747 attempted an emergency landing at such a small airport. Yarmouth reporter Alain Meuse says the captain told him he had few options. "The choices he had was the Yarmouth Airport or the Bay of Fundy." And Meuse says he has vivid memories of some of the passengers . "They had this weird look on their face, I think it finally set in and they were just glad to be on solid ground."  The passengers were flown to New York on three Air Canada DC9s and early the next morning the 747 took off for New York after its remarkable visit to Yarmouth forty years ago. No bomb was ever found.

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